Matrix for Instant Messaging

What is it?

Matrix works a little like email, but instantaneous and secure:
  • You need to register an account at a provider
  • Whatever your provider is, you can talk to people using other providers
  • In the same way you can use Outlook or Thunderbird with the same email account, you can use different Matrix apps for the same Matrix account.
Several apps exist, but we're going to go with Element for the sake of simplicity, as it's among the most fully-featured Matrix apps on the market.

Once you are more comfortable with the basics and if you want to use another app, head to the clients section of this website.
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Re: Matrix for Instant Messaging

ion wrote: 28 Mar 2024 22:54
admin wrote: 28 Mar 2024 21:13 Federation is a big thing here. Fediverse is global.
Federated sounds pretty neat.
Ethereum combined powerful and trustworthy.
Unique id whatsoever.. world address, no local post matter.
Tesla knew.
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