Tesla, the world strategist

Mirjana Prljević; Worldwide adviser for Strategic Positioning; President, Energy Innovation Center TESLIANUM; Executive Director, Peace and Crises Management Foundation, Switzerland

Two decades of work in the field of positioning strategies have led me to the conclusion that the fact that I have been a Teslian from my early youth has been crucial for me in timely defining my mission and task and directing my energy to identifying the mankind’s most important tasks.

The words of Nikola Tesla resonate within me and make me stick to the selected course:
“From time to time, in rare intervals, Great Spirit of discovery comes to the Earth to announce a secret that should improve humanity. It selects the best prepared and most honorable one, and whispers a secret to his ear. Valuable knowledge comes like a flash of light. When he understands its hidden meaning, he is happy to see a miraculous change: a new world appears in front of his eyes and he barely recognizes any similarity with the old one. This is not a passing illusion, a mere game of his playful imagination or a phantom of the mist that will disappear. The miracles he sees, although far in time, will happen. He knows that, with no shadow of doubt in his mind, and feels it with every part of his body: It is a great idea".

In that name, Tesla is an entrepreneur of spirit who simultaneously with his discoveries in reality wages the "War of Currents" with Edison and wins it. Tesla was a businessman, the first to establish the franchise category, selling the first franchise in a very profitable manner (First franchise agreement reached for delivery of Hydroelectric Power, 1897). Tesla was an innovator whose innovations give meaning to the present and future. Tesla was a man who, showing respect to another man, established a new category of scientists who care about the future of mankind and claim with certainty that one day humanity will be united. All the above mentioned show to what extent Nikola Tesla not only thought but also acted as a strategist. Even today we are witnessing the importance of an integral approach to a problem so that the solution we find will be sustainable in the long-term. This can be achieved only by a strategist with a vision. Nikola Tesla was able to achieve this - to understand the macrocosm in an individual's micro-perception.

That’s right; visionaries are people who have the ability to notice what others do not see. Tesla spoke about “The Problem of Increasing Human Energy” in his work with the same title almost eighty years before we encountered that issue. Tesla presented his philosophical system stating that the progress of mankind is merely a mechanical process caused by sources of available energy. Dealing with the issue of highest importance for human survival on the planet, Tesla introduced the concept of human energy, according to formula mV²/2, where m is “the total mass of man in the ordinary interpretation of the term mass”, and V is undefined “in the present state of science”. According to Tesla, in order to increase human energy through an increase of mass, it is necessary to improve health care, the care of enlightenment, religion, food and water. As for the reduction of forces slowing the human mass, he criticized ignorance and was committed to a strong discipline and world peace.

Knowledge, Thought, Idea, Perception, Vision, Strategy and Message pave the path of a leader, an individual who knows how to lead mankind. Tesla was one of the few who have bequeathed our planet with not only messages of peace and inventions of technological progress, but also with the frequency of peace on which we should act; the frequency on which mankind and every individual citizen should understand that all of us share the same planet, one energy system, and that “the most successful man is the one who achieves the greatest happiness when he can say that by completing his daily duties he has done the best he could for his neighbor”.


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