Nikola Tesla, Advocate for the Human Condition and Martyr for a greedless society

Guy Djoken Executive Director, UNESCO Center for Peace ; President, U.S. Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations, USA

In July 2014, I travelled to Novi Sad, Serbia, where I had the honor and privilege of receiving the White Dove Award, awarded by the Tesla Global Forum to distinguished individuals around the world. During the award ceremony, I was asked what the award meant to me and I remember saying "If we follow Tesla's work and vision, we will create a better world".

The Tesla Global Forum award is the most prestigious recognition I have received for my commitment and dedication as a Social Justice and Peace activist.
Hereunder, I will explain why this event was one of the most meaningful and significant events to date in my life.

In high school, I learned about Nikola Tesla during my physics class. My physics teacher presented him as a genius who gave up all terrestrial pleasures and dedicated his life to improving the human condition. Fascinated by the story, I began reading whatever I could find about him.
In my mind, Tesla quickly personified the role of the idealistic humanist and savior whose life’s journey significantly enhanced the human condition. My admiration and respect for the man became something well known among my peers who were quick to label me as a “crazy dreamer.”
I had always thought about Nikola Tesla as a historical figure far beyond my reach. I never realized my name could ever be associated with such a genius who gave so much to humanity and that is why I became very emotional when I became the 2015 Tesla Global Forum award recipient, affirming that to my humble opinion, obedience to Tesla’s vision and work will lead us to a better world.
Nikola Tesla, a man who held hundreds of patents throughout his life is credited with inventing the alternating current system, neon lighting, key elements of radio, X-rays, and wireless technology.  In order to pursue his passion, he is quoted as saying that his chastity was very helpful to his scientific abilities.
Knowing the crucial role of wireless technology in our daily lives today, it will not be too far-fetched to call Nikola Tesla, “the man who conceived the blueprint of the 21st century.”

By most accounts, Nikola Tesla was a genius who dedicated his life to moving the world forward. In his quest to do so, he failed to notice that all major financial institutions of his time (as well as today) had no interest in using scientific and technological discovery to advance the cause of humanity; but rather to accumulate wealth and get richer. As a result, Nikola Tesla was disenchanted of greed and died with debts. He may be considered a martyr who paid the ultimate price in the fight for World Peace and a greedless society.


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